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New gear today ...... I hope

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Have a new trigger and optic booster comming in the US MAIL. They were shipped from the supplier 6 days ago priority mail. Priority is advertised to be delivered 1-3 days ..... :rolleyes: The booster is comming from Maine and the Trigger from Texas. The ammo I ordered from Arizona is by UPS and its RIGHT ON TIME. Why does the USPS lose BILLIONS every year .... another Government Ran Service .... says it all.
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Fantastic news!!
My new rear rest is at the local post office. Scheduled to be delivered today. Now I can get down to serious practice. Also this morning ordered two cleaning rods from ProShot Products in Ill. They are both one piece rods with ball bearing handle. A 8" for cleaning the chamber and the first 5" of the bore. Thats were a carbon ring likes to form. Also a 42" rod. My barrel is 27" and with the tuner and if later I add a slide to it will need 40". Along with them will get a Spear head jag and a patch holder.
My cleaning rod guide was SUPPOSED to be delivered today. But instead of the delivery update from tracking ... It was delivered to the WRONG local post office last night .... :mad: It went to Theodosia Mo, about 100 miles SE of me. Hopefully it will get back sometime today and I will get it tomorrow. I have a couple new cleaning rods, 1 piece Micro Polished steel from Proshot. A 8" for cleaning the chamber and a 42" for cleaning the whole bore.

I did get my Mechanical Rear Rest Last week and I like it. Have been practicing on the ARA target. Shot a 2275 out of 2500. Need to get to 2300 or better to be in the running at matches. I was sailing along and then on target square 22 I threw one .... 25 pts out of possible 100. Just a 100th or so and I had the 2300 ..... :p
New range box coming today. Its from Proshotproducts like my cleaning rods. Has foam coated rests for the rifle and compartments for cleaning gear. also plenty of room for ammo. Trying to cut some of the boxes I carry to matches. With the exception of rifle and rests, cleaning rod and plastic tote with wind flags/stands should be able to fit all the other gear.


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After spending 4 days running around within 100 miles of me my cleaning rod quide is finally at the correct post office and scheduled to be delivered today .... :rolleyes: I called brownells this morning and had them mark my account "Fed EX or UPS" SHIPPING ONLY. Its worth the few extra bucks not to have the aggravation from USPS..... :p
My front rest and mechanical rear rest are at the machine shop. Will have a one piece base made and both will attach to it. Proper alignment and spacing so I dont have to fiddle with it every time I go to shoot. Also will be more steady .... I Hope. First ARA match of the year is Saturday and he said it will be done by Thursday. I need to shoot it some before the match .... I need all the help I can get ...... :p

Will also have a new top milled for the front rest with Delrin slides and side spring plungers. But the new top will be in a couple weeks. He is going back to New Orleans Saturday for a week or so.
Been looking for a good used van to use going to shooting matches. I finally found one this morning. Its a 2000 Pontiac Montana extended van. A little bigger than what I wanted but it will do. Has 3 rows of 2 individual seats and a large rear area. Will remove at least the driver side seat in the 3rd row maybe the one in the second row also. Will make (or have made) a rack system for the rear to hold my shooting gear. Have in mind a sliding about 6' long and 16" tray that will slide out the rear and have fold up legs that extend and level the tray when pulled out. This tray will hold my rifle. The onboard computer says it has been averageing 24.7 miles mph, almost 3 times what my truck gets. Now along with my re-branded garden tractor (the Range Rover) I have a full sized one for my excursions. Besides the Bawana gets his learners permit Friday and he can learn in it. Next ARA match is 9 April so will break it in then.
750 ROUNDS of Match ammo today. Also a Pappas long slide for the tuner on my 40X rifle. Trying to get another couple 100s ". Will test and tune to try it out Monday night at the Springfield Bench Rest club in another Unlimited 50/50 match.
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