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Once every few years, the stars line up and I show up at the right time to at the Lgs. Lightening struck twice this week. I showed up earlier in the week within several minutes of a new Colt king Cobra 3" barrel model set out for display. Bargained that down to $850 cash, and hold it for a few days to possibly combine on one Brady check.

Well as luck would have it, I show up again early afternoon on Friday, and I spot a nice looking lever gun on the rack. Turned out to be a cleaned up excellent condition 336 in 30-30 win. Metal and wood appear to be 95%. Upon close inspection, it is mechanically excellent, having been fired very little, if any. By serial # it is a 1975 made, pre-crossbolt safety model with a gold trigger. Could not pass it up at $700. Yep, thats about $400 more than a similar one I got about ten years ago. Of course as you all know it's a JM stamped barrel, and those are shooting up in value by the day. Id rather have an heirloom to pass on, than a handful of federal reserve notes that are rapidly devaluing by the day. Something some people waiting on the new Ruger/Marlin might not know is that Ruger will not be producing their 336 with a micro groove barrel. That's a darn shame, as these older JM Marlins are capable of shooting between 1-2 MOA with those barrels and jacketed bullets. I have done that with one in .35 Remington and Core-lokt bullets.

The best thing about this Marlin besides it excellent condition is that it hasn't been butchered at all. No extra holes in the wood or metal. It's as it came, out of the box.
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