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Hi there everyone. I'm from Granite City, IL (about 15 minutes from St. Louis, MO. While I'm not new to guns, as I have 8 handguns and 2 shotguns, shot my first gun when I was 18, then bought my first gun about 3 or 4 years ago. I am new to rifles, and just recently bought my first rifle, a used Marlin 60 from a friend of mine that was made in 1988. A little introduction to myself is I'm 30 years old. Hobbies include cars, motorcycles, guns & computers. I am disabled with a bad back. Used to work as a Security Officer although I worked unarmed security, I was trained as an armed officer and have a certificate in Administration of Justice, as well as training through the St. Louis County Police Department. I also volunteered as a member on a local search & rescue team, and when retiring from it in 2007 due to my disability, I had worked my way up to the rank of Commander.
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