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New guy from Texas

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Hey ya'll. Just wanted to introduce myself to everyone. Looking to purchase my first Marlin in the next couple of weeks. This will be my first rifle. I'm looking for a 22lr. I am hearing a lot about the 795. I started doing some research, but I am still new. Any help, suggestions or feed back is appreciated.
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welcome aboard. don`t overlook the model 60
Welcome aboard. I don't shoot much .22lr, but plenty of guys here have a lot of experience on the subject.
Welcome to the forum. Glad to have you here.
Welcome "P286" to the wunnerfull world of nutz, gun, hunting, Liberty-loving and otherwise all-around (the world...can't forget Bucky or the occasional Euro) bunch of guys n gals that enjoy the way of the gun...a la Marlin, among others!

I saw the Appleseed Model in the new article on this forum. I already have feelers out for one, but it looks like Davidson's is the "sole source" for the package deal. Somehow the military sight arrangement just makes sense when considering the traditions of RWVA folks behind the A.S. project are geared on education and making citizens true marksmen/women. The std versions of the 795 is the option and they are on the market and available today! "A bird in the hand" seems logical for a 1st time purchase. I bet it won't be your last!
Welcome to the Marlin Firearms Forum !!
Welcome to a very informative and formal forum.
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