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New here from the Pacific NW

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Should have done an intro right off, but missed it. Been collecting old Marlins since the mid 70s., and especially Marlin Ballard single shot rifles. Always enjoy old guns in general, and Marlins have had my attention for 40 years now.
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Welcome mm93. Glad to have you join us.
Classic guns are always fun. Would love to see some pics of the Marlin single shot Ballards.
I started shooting single shots as a youngster and still have a sweet spot for them. Only draw back is, most of today's single shots aren't that accurate unless you spend some serious $$$.
I do have a Thompson Contender Carbine chambered in the 7mm Waters. It's near the top of the line in today's singles as far as accuracy goes.
Again, Welcome. Feel free to join in as the spirit moves you.
Thanks! Yes, you have to get into serious $ today to find a new single shot that comes close to the accuracy of the old singles, if they're in nice shape. And then if you spend those $$ you've got a new gun that doesn't appreciate in value in our lifetime. I like the old ones for those reasons. They're accurate (if they're in good shape) they have history, and they go up in value the longer you own them.
This is an old picture from 7-8 years ago, and is some of my Schuetzen rifles.

Stevens 44 Schuetzen
Stevens Tip Up
Ballard Union Hill
Schoyen Ballard
Zettler Bros. Ballard #6
Stevens 44 1/2 Schuetzen
Stevens 44 factory engraved
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Welcome to the Marlin Forum
Thanks for the pics. Those are beautiful rifles. It's obvious that your love for classics has served you well.
Thanks! I've been fortunate to have gotten interested in old single shot rifles before the Quigley craze drove them through the roof price wise. It's been a lot tougher in recent years to buy a good single shot, but I still occasionally find one I can afford.
Here is the link to my Contender. If research serves my right, it's a G1, generation 2.
It has a Tiger Maple Stock. I have added a 4X16 Center Point Scope.

Most of my guns are service type (hunting, sports and self defense) but this one was bought for it's looks. It just caught my eye and the price was right.
Nice looking wood Greyhawk. I went through a Contender phase back in the 80's, and never had a carbine setup. Just a couple frames, and about 15-16 barrels. I eventually got through the distraction, and back to older guns.
Welcome to the Marlin Firearms Forum mm93 !!

Nice collection...
Welcome to the Marlin Firearms Forum mm93 !!

Nice collection...
Thanks Shooter13! Still working on the collection. Here's another Ballard special order, engraved rifle, in .38-55 Ballard.

Winchester 1885 Low Wall in .22 Short:

Ballard Pacific #5 .45-70:

A few old Marlin repeaters:
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