New life for an old model 60

Discussion in 'Marlin Rimfires' started by infidel686, Aug 26, 2014.

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    My friends dad recently gave me a very rough model 60 that doesn't have much finish left on it and a stock that is cracked and chipped beyond repair. But knowing I'm fond of 60s and the resident gun guy he thought I should have it.

    He said it jammed on about every other shot so I took it home and cleaned it up and it functions flawlessly and just as accurate as can be. It is one of the old ones with the 18 round magazine and last shot bolt hold open but not sure when it was made.

    Planning a custom build with it soon with a boyds thumb hole stock and a new finish to the metal surfaces and a new scope but does anyone know of a drop in trigger kit for a model 60?

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  3. infidel686

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    Thank you. That's just what I was looking for. Price isn't too bad for a free rifle.
  4. Gumpy

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    Welcome to the forum, infidel! Join the crowd an make yourself at home. Show us an after photo when you gitter done!
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    Take the first 2 digits of the serial number and subtract for 2000 and you have the year. Works for all Marlin/Glenfield guns from 1971 on.

    I have two model 60's. One s/n 17xxxxx, the other 16xxxxxx. so 1983 and 1984 vintage.

    Take a look at the DIP trigger and trigger guard. It's pricey, but I put one with the trigger on a Marlin 60, adjusted the trigger take up and overtravel, it's actually pretty amazing. I just put the metal trigger guard on the first model 60 I refurbished and next order I will be getting the trigger for that one too. Link to DIP Marlin trigger guards
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    Looks better than mine, Marlin/Glenfield 60, except I don't have a cracked stock. My barrel is pretty rough finish. Mine is the 18 round mag also. I have no idea how I came to owning this gun. I think it was made in the seventies so I know I didn't buy it new.
    We especially love pics of before and after. Welcome to the forum.
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    Thank you everyone more picks will come when it's done. Looks like it's dated 1988
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    Welcome aboard infidel686. Glad to have you join us.
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    I've become a firm believer that a Model 60 is a must have gun.... they're entirely way to useful and fun to shoot
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    Only if you can find 22lr ammo at a decent price!!
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    I've had mine for 14 or so years. It holds 13 but has the bolt hold open function. Just today I gave it to my grandson. He's terrorizing the Squirrel population in my woods as we speak, Its a tack driver with CCI SV and a 4X fixed power scope.
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    Amen....what LT67 said!