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Just want to let you Marlin folks know that I have joined your ranks. I am verly limited in experience with rifles/hunting but have decided to learn as much as I can and hopfully, hunt deer. Yesterday, I purchased a Marlin 30-30 AS30. Lovely looking rifle and always have wanted one.
Now for the questions since I am.....well not very educated in these rifles, other than their reputation. Sorry in advance if my questions seem "un-educated".
1. Sling? How do I attach a sling? The AS model does not have a swivel
2. All around best Ammo for this model?? Price, Easy to find, Accurate for deer hunting
3. Affordable scopes? I know nothing about scopes??
4. Are there any add-ons that I should consider??
5. Feel free to post your opinion of the rifle.

Thanks in advance!! :)

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Welcome. One thing I've noticed on here is that if you ask a question, you will get an answer or two, or three. lol

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yes you will get answers shortly...give it a day or two...right now everyone is in Christmas shopping mood.

as for Ammo..I've been using this.

Remington Express 30-30 Winchester 170 Grain Core-Lokt Soft Point Ammunition
this and Remington Express 30-30 Winchester 150 Grain Core-Lokt Soft Point Ammunition
for the lever style you need the SP soft point style bullets

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Welcome to the MarlinForum. Glad that you could join us.
I have owned several Marlin 336s. Never have owned a 336 AS so I went on-line to see how they were configured. All that I seen on-line had the swivel sets installed from the factory. Assuming that yours does not, here is a link to a couple sets of swivels from Midway USA.
The forward Barrel Band installation is pretty straight forward and it goes on the tube magazine. I prefer mine to be set close to the forearm but that is your choice.
As for the Butt Stock Lug, I've seen them installed anywhere from 2" to 4" from the tip of the butt plate. My 336T is set at the 4" location. Most of my other guns are set at the 2" location. That, again, is your choice.
I prefer the 2" location because it allows me to hang the rifle by the sling over my left shoulder with the barrel pointing down (I'm right handed) so when I'm walking to or from my stand (never while in the woods), I can readily mount the rifle. If a target presents itself, I can grasp the barrel and shoulder the rifle with the sling still around my neck. This also keeps rain and snow out of the barrel.
As for installing the butt stock lug, determine where you want it and make every effort to have it center on the bottom of the stock. Use a small pilot drill bit for the first hole. Then use a larger drill bit for the final hole, making sure that it is straight and plumb with the stock. Run the drill at high speed to prevent chipping the wood or finish. The larger drill bit should be as big or slightly bigger than the shank of the stud so that only the threads of the stud grip the stock. This will prevent the wood/finish from splitting or chipping at the hole. Then I use a counter sink bit or rotary file to add a taper to the opening to the hole. Depending on the type of wood or the grain of the wood, this will also prevent it from chipping. Then screw the stud in and you should be good to go.
As for ammo, any brand name (Win., Rem, Fed.) should be good. My ammo of choice has been Remington. You might want to test a box of each to see what your rifle shoots the best but I doubt that there will be much difference. I would, however, avoid any cheap import brands.
As for Deer Hunting, I prefer the 150 gr. loads. I've had a problem with the 170 gr. passing through with limited expansion while hunting deer in Pa.

I hope this helps,
I'm sure others will chime in with their tips.


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Welcome to the forum...I think Greyhawk covered all the bases.

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good rifle congratulations!
Ammo? I would try several until one shoots the best in your gun (winchester, federal, remington)
Sling swivels? There is a barrel band & stud set available, ( the band attaches to the magazine tube and stud in rear stock
Scope? I personally like low power variables 1-4x20 or 1.5-6x20, Pentax or Burris or Weaver etc...

have fun with your new gun, and welcome aboard.:D
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