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New Mebers from overseas

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New member from across the sea.

Hello, I'm Martin 49 years old and I live in the Netherlands.
I was able to buy a Marlin Camp Carbine 9mm in the Netherlands and would like to find out everything about this rifle on the forum.
I would like to shoot competitions with this rifle.
I also hope to be able to find parts here.
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The camp 9mm is not known for long term reliability. It has internal plastic parts that are known to break at anytime over 2,000 round count. I would recommend just sticking with 115 gr. Loads, and No +P, or +P+ loads. Also do not shoot any "Nato" loads through them. The high power loads just mentioned will cause additional stresses, that will accelerate parts breakage.

Other than that, the camp 9mm carbine is a nice shooter, and very accurate within 50 yds. I know, I had one. But being that it became obsolete, and factory parts ( including magazines) are near impossible to fund now, I have moved on to a Ruger PCC, which can use my Glock 19 magazines. I do however miss the lighter weight of the camp carbine.

Welcome, and good luck with your marlin.
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