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    I have recently moved to Macks Creek, Missouri about 15 miles from the nearest branch of the Lake of the Ozarks from Ottumwa, Iowa due to the construction of a highway through my home and property. After a year of work I now have my machine shop, spray Coating system, and bullet casting machines set up and ready. I have acquired several Marlin Rifles in the last few years and am now hooked on getting more of them. I have a Marlin 1895 in 45-70, a 336SC in .35 Remington and a Model 39D in .22 caliber. My brother just acquired a 2 very nice Marlins, 1 in ..219 Zipper and 1 in .444 Marlin and after seeing those now I am looking for a 336A or 336ADL in both 30-30 and .35 Remington. Then on to some of the other big bore calibers. Than you for letting me join your site. Thomas Lacey, AccuCast, Inc.

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    Howdy, Tom, and welcome to the camp from northeast Indiana. C'mon over here by the fire and have a set-down on this block of ash. Coffee is in the pot. Help yourself. You empty it; you re-fill it. I noticed a most serious lack of pictorial evidence of these Marlins you claim to own. We did on gun porn here and Marlin porn is the top shelf variety for which we lust.


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    Hey Mon! I don't know how I missed this when posted. Welcome to the forum from Hollywood Alabama! Sounds like you've a fantastic set up going on! We would love to see some pictures!!
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    Welcome Accucast. Im about 12 miles down the road from you, near Lead Mine, Mo. Might be interested in your machine work ... :D. Do you have a shop or just out of your home ?
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    Welcome to the Marlin Firearms Forum !!

    Enjoy our community...
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    Hello and welcome!
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    Hey Tom,

    Welcome to the Marlin Forum.

    Am sure a lot of folk will be interested in your fine cast bullets!

    Later, Mark
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    Welcome to the Forum.
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