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New Member from TX!

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Hello everyone, my name is Jason. I am a Combat Retired Disabled Veteran who chose a 336 over a modern hunting rifle due to comfort and anxiety from shooting my AR10. Shooting an AR platform gets my blood rushing and it's not exactly good for taking your time with 1 shot. I owned a 336 once before in my childhood but unfortunately, the rifle was destroyed in a flood. So let me get everyone up to speed where I am at and then I will properly post a new thread with some questions I have for some thing I want to change up later this month.

I bought my 336 for around $280 brand new with an employee discount at Walmart. Almost got mugged with the Store Manager once I got outside by 6 guys who cased me inside the store... my Glock 23 put a stop to that (happened on rich side of town).

I took it home and immediately disassembled it for cleaning and sanding down contact points throughout the bolt carrier, hammer and other places I thought might cause drag.

Of course I thoroughly flushed and cleaned all metal debris and then wiped dry. I only applied about 4 drops total of oil in needed locations after reassemble.

Conducted several functions test on the 336 to make sure it smoothed out on the reloading process.... so much smoother!

Placed an 15 year old 3-9x40 Tasco on it to test out the ammo selections I have since my iron sights were fully adjusted and 13" off target left @ 50 yards. No problem, the rifle was scope bound anyways... the VX1 3-9x50 is my 1st choice, soon.

So I shot and killed my 1st Deer with it last Season. I shot at 150 yards, 55-60 feet high in elevation from target, sun was lost barely over the horizon, PERFECT SHOULDER SHOT! It didn't disappoint 1 bit.

The only things that bother me It the quality control for that Iron Sight during and after production and the fact that I don't shoot steroids in my Index Finger to pull that heavy trigger back without pulling to the left... will be addressed later in the proper threads and when I can fix the issue.

Hope to talk to y'all soon, God Bless!
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Howdy, Jason, and welcome to the camp from northeast Indiana. C'mon over here by the fire and have a set-down on this block of ash. Coffee is in the pot. Help yourself. You empty it; you re-fill it. I didn't see any pictures of that Marlin you were talking about. We like pictures here.


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Welcome to the MARLIN Firearms Forum !!

Enjoy our community...
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