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    First Build Phase of Sav Mark II

    So far have the stock just about done. Aluminum butt plate, aluminum front rest adapter, aluminum bottom butt stock plate, and aluminum single feed ramp that attaches thru the Mag well.

    Still will have an adjustable cheek riser made that goes in the butt stock, I need about .5" or so to get a good cheek weld and even with the eye piece of the scope.

    I cleaned it spick and span and went to the bench to mount the scope. Put a BSA 36X Target scope on using Millet tall adjustable rings. First 50 rounds ever thu it and I AM PLEASED. Use a box of CCI SV that didnt shoot that good thru my other Mark II. Took 38 rounds to get it around the bull. Used the last 12 to see how it grouped. The rifle still has the stock trigger (3.1 lb pull), with the safety blade. The reciever screws were not torqued and the barrel still needs some free floating.

    Temp was 42 at 1500 hrs with a little breeze. Shot at 25 yards off a so-so front rest and rear bag.

    Target on the left was a 5 shot group and 2 shots after a dope change. Target on right was 5 shots, a .381" group outside-outside, minus .224 and the true group at .157". It it never gets any better will be competative shooing under .225". Next outing will use good match ammo and see what it likes.

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    Very fine job! Some good machine work also.

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    Will epoxy the bedding pillars in today. I been thinking the last couple of days (thinking usually costs me $$) on a couple changes to the rifle stock. Thinking I will have another front rest adapter made that has an end cap on the front of the fore end. Also I dont like how the single feed adapter attaches thru the bottom plate (although it was my idea). I think I want it to attach up in the mag well and have a solid bottom metal piece. I will run it by my machinest and see what he thinks. Also want to see about having a Trigger Shoe made. The stock trigger is To curved and not wide enough. Maybe have a whole new trigger made ??

    I picked up a buffing wheel for my 8" grinder at Harbor Freight along with metal buffing compound. The hole in the buffing wheel is larger than the 5/8" arbor on my grinder so will have to get some washers and try to steady it. Now it viborates pretty bad. It is also narrower than the mounting area on the arbor so again the washers are needed. I want the aluminum parts like a mirror, slicker than snake snot on a wet river rock as they say ...... :p
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    The Mark II build is on hold for now. Called the guy doing my machine work, he fell and broke his collar bone. Out of commision for about 3 weeks . I still have to have the cheek riser hardware made. I need about .5" of height for a good cheek weld.