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    Just became the proud owner of a 1975 vintage model 60 marlin rifle. Aside from a few stock scratches, and a front trigger guard screw and nut missing it's in pretty fair shape. bore is perfect and barrel had only minor surface rust.
    I ordered the screw and nut, took off the rust with gun oil and 0000 steel wool, and gave the bore a meticulous cleaning. Voila! Basically a brand new gun for 100$ plus $7.95 in parts. Trigger still needs a little work, but is currently functional. Seems the previous owner like to oil things heavily, and was using something that would cake up into a yellow/orange gunk, so I spent a little time degriming the action and trigger assembly.
    I don't believe that it has had more than 100 rounds through it, as there is essentially no metal to metal wear in the action and very little powder residue anywhere.
    A search for a dedicated rifle to use in small-bore cowboy sillouette has been fufilled, as this is a tube feed semi-auto, and qualifies under NRA rules. A set of TECH precision peep sights and I'm ready. This is also a hold open on last shot model which is even better.:p
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    Congratulations :)

    We like Pictures


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    For sure! And as stated, we like pictures
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    I'll go find my camera and send pics after installing the sights.
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    Congrats on the new Model 60...a great rifle for sure !!

    Here is my Circa 1980 Glenfield...


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    My Model 60 is only about 7 years old, yes it was made under Remington's ownership, and did require a few hundred rounds to break it in, as if that is a chore. That little brass burner is more accurate than any $150 gun should be, it is the synthetic stocked version and came with a cheap Chinese 4x scope.
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    Here are the pics!

    [​IMG]I did find a couple other things out of spec, but was able to fix myself. Total cost so far $185. [​IMG]

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    Beautiful, Nice find. Thanks for bringing life back into an old classic. That rifle should serve you well and is something you can pass down to a family member someday.
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    I have a model 60 from around 1978 and it is very accurate and shoots any ammo I feed it.. About 2 years ago a friend bought a new Remlin model 60 and it jams quite often.