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New to the Forum, New non working Marlin 795 owner question

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Hello everyone, I like the way this forum is set up. Glad to be a member!

I bought a Brand new Marlin 795 from "Big R". I took it out for the 1st time today and the trigger is dead, I didn't even get 1 round to fire. It doesn't dry fire either with or w/o magazine installed.

I bought this gun to train my kids gun safety/handling/accuracy and they were quite disappointed when it wouldn't function.

Is there something easy to fix on these? I really don't want to deal with "Big R's" NO return on firearms policy.

Thanks in advance for the advice!
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Welcome and I'm sure we can help you out. As far as no returns, your first option may just be an exchange, if there is a mechanical problem.

The trigger won't move at all? Will the bolt cycle, lock back all the way, and stay open 2/3rds of the way with an empty magazine in? The last thing is he last shot hold open of the bolt.

I'm also going to say something very basic and please don't be offended, is the safety on?

You can also take it apart and give it a good cleaning. These are mass produced and there will potentially be metal chips/shavings, cutting oil, protective coatings etc that need to be cleaned out. There are all kinds of you tube videos on dissembly and cleaning.

Please provide some more information if the store won't exchange it for a working model. Also, if the store won't exchange it, you can contact Marlin customer support, explain what is wrong. Tell them you want it fixed. They should pay shipping and give instructions on how to return. They will make it right.
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There are several disassembly/reassembly videos on you tube. Take yours apart and see if the firing pin is free to move in the bolt. It may just have some crud in there and not allow it to move.
On that videos. Before you actuate the hammer like he does at about 6:15, take a paper clip or a piece of wire and put it through the eye of the hammer strut where it sticks out of the strut bridge to secure the hammer spring, like he does starting right around 11:00 minutes. It can go back together, but save yourself the trouble.

I purchased a 995 action from Numerich, which is basically the same as the 795 action without the last shot hold open feature. The hammer strut bridge would rotate between the sideplates and not allow the hammer, disconnector, trigger to reset. You may have a similar issue, verify that hammer strut bridge is aligned correctly in the side plates, he puts it back in starting around 11:20 in the video.

I had to return the defective 995 action to Numerich and they sent me a new one that was correct.
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