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Discussion in 'Lever Action' started by GDCpony, Dec 27, 2017.

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    So I have shot the Marlin .22's for decades. Now i picked up a 336BL and 1895GBL for a re-enlistment and Christmas gift. I love the rounds and will probably watch my daughter use the 30-30 while I get some deer with the 45-70.


    I look forward to build some loads up once I have the components. For now factory fodder is on tap. Want to ring steel and see how far I can push it. I will be asking for some cast loads for these.

    Unfortunately, the barrel in the 1895GBL was really rough and copper fouled in 14 rounds. I also couldn't get the sight up high enough to get the rounds up to paper at 50yds. I am sending her back to be worked on. Marlin's service seems OK for now. Just hope I get it back in time to take with me to 29 Stumps and kill a couple yotes with in the latter half of Feb.
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    Hey G,

    Welcome to the Marlin Forum.

    Way to go! Pics of a great pair of Marlins .......on your first post!!

    Did you try Sweet's 7.62 Solvent? JB Bore Shine/Polish?

    Let us know...

    Later, Mark

  3. Hammer

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    I like sweets. It gets the job done for me.
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    Sweets should do it although a bit harsh. You could use the "Copper Remover" version of Hoppe's No. 9. Redo a day or two later.
    You can also pass a .475 caliber bronze brush a few times to increase pressure on the deposits without any harm. I like the .50 caliber RamRodz forced into the barrel for a better wipe of the bore.
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    The automated system had no record of my rifle. The operator says "no new notes yet." You would think they would have at least looked at it by now. The guy was short and pretty much a "Deal with it" attitude no effort or let me check on this. I assume this is normal customer service there. I judge cust serv as high as product reputation too.

    Well, last Remington, Marlin, ect I will own. I will only keep it once it comes back because I already have it. I was shopping for a semi-auto shotgun too. SA-20 it is. The 11-87 can sit and rust.