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newbie from Saginaw,MI.

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newbie from Saginaw,MI.

and new to Rifles!!

I had someone from the glock site send me information about this site awhile back,and I either wrote them back saying that I was not intrested in rifles at the time,or I just delated the message.
anyways....just a couple fridays ago we (my wife and I) picked up some rifles.
one being a Marlin 336 30-03 for her.
1991 year

I picked up a winchester pre '64 .1946-1948 year

I took them both out to the range last weekend and liked them both,but I liked hers better cause of the scope.

so now I'm looking for a marlin for myself!

this looks to be a great site already,as is the glock site,I'm sure to spend a great deal of time in here as well.
take care!!

heres a pic of the marlin below my winchester

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Welcome to the Marlin Firearms Forum Rich !!
Welcome to the forum Rich and welcome to the world of rifles with levers.
Glad to see you here.

Welcome to the forum :)
Welcome. I see that you learn quickly and post pics before even being asked. You'll make a great addition to the site. ;)
Welcome from the tip of the mitten in northeast Michigan. Take yourself over to Duncan's Outdoors on Salzburg in Bay City. They USUALLY have a good selection of used Marlin levers at reasonable prices.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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