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OK, I am going to show that I am a complete novice. A lot of the guys over at Glock Forum reload, I do not see the advantage for me, Just to much time and effort and Ammo where I am is not that bad priced. However, I do own a 45-70 and a .308 rifle, I do see that it could be well worth my time to reload the bigger rounds in the rifles, I have not a clue where to start? I hear about single presses, progressive presses ETC. I am not going to be doing a ton of loading and would like to experiment with different loads in my rifles. Any tips on where to start and if it is worth the equip. cost just to load two caliber rifle shells? Thanks guys
Just my opinion but, I would agree. In this area, the cost of 9mm & 45 acp isn't that bad compared to the cost of reloads with commercial bullets. There would be savings if you load high volumes but it would be minimal for the average shooter. For the occasional shooter, a single stage press will work fine. However, there is a noticeable savings when loading rifle cartridges plus you have more versatility with a greater variety of load. Once you get started with rifle bullets, you may want to try some pistol rounds just for fun.
As for getting started, check here;
If you have more questions, feel free to ask.
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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