Newbie thinking about reloading

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    Dang, I dunno? M-F they close for lunch from 1230-1300 if I reckon right. Sorry I can't answer with any surity.
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    You are spot on Spoon....found it on their face book page.........:p

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    Trying to Post a Pic Test #1

    Austin sent me the instructions since during "newbie" feedback that was my only cocern I'd encountered with the site.

    Below should be the bargain basement priced batch of .224 Sierra 60gr HPs that I tried to post with earlier text.

    Preview shows it, maybe I am trainable??? Thanks for the tutorial. This lot of 323 bullets cost me $28.17. For what I need, what I'm loading them for...again a fella can't beat the deals they offer. SWO1 wrote he'd be getting some .308s from them for hunting rounds the end of this week. I guess it just all depends on where we live as to what blessings we may encounter.

    Eat yore hearts out, 'cause I know some are wishing they had a few piles of cheap bullets too. ;)

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    It was a beautiful, sunny, cool morning so I decided to make the trip to Sierra Bullets today. SUPER nice folks. Picked up 2 lbs of 150 gr GameKing for the .308s ($15.24). Talked to em about what I wanted to do with the .223. They GAVE ME a big hand full (over 50 ) of 52 gr MatchKing and said to try them. I think they got my business from now on..........:D

    Will add to this post instead of making a new post....sorted and counted the Sierra bullets I obtained direct from the factory in Sadelia Mo. For my $15.24 I got 139 150gr .30 cal. Only 1 I wouldnt much lead on the were great. There were 86 52gr .223 MatchKings they GAVE ME. All perfect. Oh and I also got a Sierra Cammo ball cap.....just 9$......good for hunting....And for functions requiring FORMAL ATTIRE...:p
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    SWO1 - Ain't You Special

    Great deal on the freebies. Enjoy your new cap. A tad off the thread topic, but I took the 243WSSM, the 7mm-08 Marlin XSY (bride's) and my Marlin XL with the Boyds thumb hole pepper stock over our daughter's for a "test drive".

    The little Micro A-Bolt is still a tack driver after setting in the safe for 4 yrs with nary a round during that time. No adjustments needed.

    Dialed the '06 in to shoot 125 SPT Sierras that I figure I'll zip at deer this fall (about 3100fps). Was tuned for 165 Nosler BTs, so the POI was WAY OFF the first shot...kinda like 5 inches high.

    Oh how I wish for everyone's sake that each hunter had a rifle that shoots as good as this little 7-08 in her original clothing. Two different charges under a HornDaddy 139 Interlock BT and one nice nickel-sized hole...not counting the first one that was a tiny bit high from the cold barrel.

    Reloads in all of them. THAT's the REASON we make 'em at home...pure fun at watching the results of our craftsmanship...and a little luck. I have a slightly reduced 7mm-08 load I worked up for her when we first got the rifle 3 years ago. ONE HOLE...that's all it'll make with the slightly "weakened" charge of AA2700 and the same Ballistic Tip making the flight. I didn't even uncork that batch for this trip. I shot others I had marked "Range Fodder" just for paper punching, will dump any critter lickety split! Oh well, now i have to recycle the empties ;) Darn the luck.

    And of course, we aired out our primary pistols. Poor silhouette target aint got a neck no more!
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    I yes those 52gr match kings, on roo's and wombats, and have dropped a couple of Fallow Deer with then.
    My Ruger .222 loves them
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    I started reloading last year. I bought a lee challenger kit which is a single stage press and am very pleased. I only load 2 calibers 30-30 and 30-06, I can tell you there are few things more gratifying to a shooter than shooting your own hand loads...
    My best advice no matter what you choose is get a good reloading manual,read cover to cover twice, ask lots of questions and there are some excellent videos on youtube.
    It was all a bit overwhelming to me at first but once you do it a few times its simple, again I can`t stress enuf, get a reloading manual..I have Lymans 49th and I go to it often..