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  1. Bucky

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    Wow hasn't June, July, and August been unreal for me.

    Firstly I have been made "redundant", and paid out from Work.

    Also check out the price of Diesel per Litre, from Kunawarritji (Well 33)
    One of the most isolated Communities in Oz.
    ImageUploadedByMarlin Forum1408224452.730765.jpg

    Secondly I have just finished 1 months driving, (and touring) some of the more isolated tracks in Western Australia.
    Got heaps of video of Camels, and Corrugations

    I did not go pig shooting in Northern New South Wales, as it meant a 2000km round trip, for 3 days hunting, was not on, as the departure date for our Outback trip, was brought forward 4 days. :(

    I did drop off 150 rounds of .338, and 150 rounds of 375 H & H rounds in Perth, for the trip I am still trying to organize over there
    Had a beer with one of the owners of the 1.3 million acre property, and he only wants 1 months notice, and it's on .

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  2. Bucky

    Bucky Well-Known Member

    Sorry about the message being jumbled up
    It was not my doing

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  3. Gumpy

    Gumpy AKA Richard Prestage

    What's jumbled, Bucky? I understood it! Should I be worried? Lol
  4. greyhawk50

    greyhawk50 Well-Known Member

    If my calculations serve me right, that's $12.87 a gallon US. WOW!!! That's gotta hurt.

    "made redundant and payed out from work" Does that mean that you're out of work, (unemployed - terminated) ??

    Glad to hear that you had a good time touring.
    At any rate, it's good to hear from you. Wishing you a successful hunt in Perth.
  5. hombre243

    hombre243 Well-Known Member

    The way I understand it his company paid him to retire. I think he likes it. Now he can do what he loves to do.
  6. oldbrass

    oldbrass Well-Known Member

    What will you do with all your free time ?? Does this mean your free to invite us all to the Outback haha..glad your enjoying yourself Mate
  7. Bucky

    Bucky Well-Known Member

    The difficulty of the "App" from my Iphone.
    Worse than SWMBO, as it has a stronger will than me, when it comes to putting things where it shouldn't, and I will leave it at that

    I did get paid to retire, if you wish to put it that way. Really broke my heart too (not)
    I mentioined SWMBO, well she is already on my case to get some part time work, till my Superannuation kicks in, in about 20 months, and all those hard years saving will put us on a lot better plan than welfare can.
    Cant wait.

    In the mean time I will try and upload some video of the trip, after I do some unpacking, ect