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    My first deer rifle was a .32 special lever action that belonged to my grandpa. I sat in my dorm room and practiced taking off the safety very quietly. The other girls thought I was a bit weird. I got a nice big doe that year. Now the gun has been passed down to my son. We're trying to date it. The serial number has no letter, and I've been told the factory burned sometime in the 30s, and after that they didn't include letters. True, or just a legend?

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    Welcome to the Marlin Firearms Forum !!

    Before the Gun Control Act of 1968...serial numbers were not required by law, although some manufacturers did number their product.

    I own a Marlin Model 80C with no serial number that was dated to the early 1960's...

    If you have pictures or can post the serial number...we may be able to help you.

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    Welcome to the forum, ramona.
    I can't help with the serial number question - but - if you do post the serial number on-line, make the last 4 numbers XXXXs rather than give out the actual number. Just saying.
    Example; I have this old gun serial number 123XXXX.
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    ..... and the plot thickens.
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    Ramona, welcome and by ALL MEANS follow Greyhawk 50's instructions!
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    Ramona, we hardly knew ya!