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No powder & no bullets

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To the gunstore I went on my way from work, Thought I`d pick up another can of of imr 3031 and some 170 fp but NOOOOO !!!! Mr. ammo hoarder and all his uncles came thru and hoggeed it all, no powder and no rifle bullets of any kind....A few boxes of 9 mil and .380 bullets...I see whats goin to happen now. When something comes in it`ll be hoarded by the packrats..If I see some I`m gonna have to hoard to and so goes this vicious cycle of no supply and panic demand....Atleast I can get 2F for the muzzle loader.............Yippee-Ki Yae..
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Guess differnt parts of the country have different shortages. Here only thing NONEXISTENT is .223. I picked up more 3031 and Unique yesterday along with small pistol primers. I called Sierra and their discount store had NO PISTOL BULLETS for reloading (seconds). My shop still has some .22. He got in 2 more black rifles yesterday, a .223 and a .308, both in the 1200 range. Also has AK-47 mags and .223 and .308 in 20 and 30 rd.

Big gun show this weekend but I will pass as a lot of others I know will. The last one prices were crazy and crowds were terrible. I'll spend my money with local merchants.
Was back at the shop this morning. Picked up his last 3031, 335, and unique in stock. Also another 500 rds of .22lr and 100 of .38. . I even took a 100 CCI LONGS that nobody seemed to be interested in. He said he had a pile of .38, 9mm in transit and should be in any day. NO .22 or .223 availiable from any supplier.

I don't know what the deal is with .22 ammo. I can understand .223 being in big demand. Guess a lot more folks have and shoot a lot more .22 than most realize. Also .38 and 9mm is a little more scarce. Everything else, .380, .357, .40, .45, .44 seems to be plenty.
I picked up some 4064 and 4350 at my local pusher this morning. He is pretty light on handguns, but still has a decent selection of powder and components. I give him credit for not raising his prices through out this ordeal. His last price increase was a $1 a pound six months ago.
I think most (at least around here) local dealers are holding their prices well. My dealer in talking to him has his profit margin which he is entitled to. His prices on powder and primers are equal if not a little below what I would pay at Bass Pro plus having to drive 90 miles round trip. A few things have increased some from his vendors and of course he has to pass that to his customers.
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