Obama's 16 October Debate Comments

Discussion in '2nd Amendment' started by Spoon, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. Spoon

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    Anybody believe this character and what he said about "supporting" the 2nd Amendment?

    We still have the UN's ATT ploy to be very concerned about IF B.H.O. is retained in the offal office. Mizz Clinton supports it as do many others deep in the corruption of politics. There was a lot of hedging concerning the AK/assualt rifle limitations/bans. Xterminating Bad Guys on the spot might be the only significant measure to rein in the misconduct. "When guns are outlawed...only outlaws will have guns"!

    Just me wondering outloud. MO and several other states are pro-American, but the population centers back east and on the left coast cause me concern. My empathies to Pats, hunters and the general shooting public in those places that do everything they can to make life with a firearm a pain.

    What say ye...more whitewash or can we hold him accountable? That in itself ougth to raise some eyebrows!
  2. SHOOTER13

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    Lying threw his teeth...it's what he does.

    He has his own agenda...and if we don't vote him out...

    WE WILL PAY for the next four years...with nothing to stop him !!


  3. squirrelhunter

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    I agree.We're in deep trouble if he gets re-elected.
  4. Bucky

    Bucky Well-Known Member

    And don't they all talk absolute CRAP.
    Scarey isn't it.
    They are the same in Oz
  5. Spoon

    Spoon Well-Known Member

    I've got another question.

    Anybody got factual dope regarding "sneaky pete's" actions last week? As usual...rec'd e-mail from a family member that got it from a friend, through friend sorta thing. RUMORS & INNUENDOS or FACT?

    Please let me know (PM or POST) if you come across anything regarding recent activity conerning the ATT (Arms Trade Treaty) or the CAAT (Campaign Against Arms Trade). I don't trust Hillary/Obama nor many of the #[email protected]*@ in D.C., so I figure better to know THE FACTS early than get side swiped or blind sided.


  6. axxe55

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    i have commented on other forums as to my opinions of Obama. and now i will here as well. we as a nation can ill afford another four years of him or his administration. he has failed miserably to even attempt to deliver on his promises. has used his authority to cover up messes made by those in his administration.

    Obama has overtaken Carter as the worst president in the history of the United States. that is a pretty sad achievement to be said of. also thinking of things this way, if Obama were re-elected, he couldn't run again, so think of all the political damage he could do to our country without having to worry about the consequences.
  7. Spoon

    Spoon Well-Known Member

    Axxe - I wrote our Congresswoman a stern letter yesterday about the hype, talk and total lack or REAL action. In fact, one of her DC aids, Joe called in the middle of composing my tersely-worded letter to discuss another topic that is plaguing America. Anywho, here is a small excerpt from my demand yesterday to Vicky Hartzler:

    There's a ton of active lawsuits that have been filed by citizens AND Members of the House and Senate. The lamestream media doesn't dare mention these...but there's a bunch of them. Obama should be handcuffed, dragged off, kept "safe" then summarily prosecuted for his abuses/malfeasance of office all the way through TREASON...and finally punished in the most severe fashion allowed by US Statutes. Within the realm of Mr. Obama, a charge of Treason meets Constitutional "muster" in more than one incidence. I'm waiting for her written reply and will share with all I can...the reasons she may give about the whys and why nots as well as if she and her allies (if she's re-elected...getting my vote Tues.) have in mind. I can't figure out why folks are scared to take this man to hand.

    If he wins/retains his unlawful possession of the Offal Office...I fear (but I’m unafraid) we better be ready for heads to roll anywhere from coast-to-coast and North-to-South. The Gestapo squads will begin making their rounds in gathering dissenters (internment camps DO exist…just as the NCY Mayor) collecting your firearms, etc. Can ya’ll see the escalation of gravity of circumstances? I’m sure 99.9% do. These actions may not occur for another couple of months to 3 years or more following a re-election of BHO. There’s just too many variables; they don’t quite yet have all there ducks in rows…but drawing closer by the day.

    How will you and everyone that visits this site afford the new taxes (penalties) under Obamacare (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) at an $650 to over $2000 grand/yr if you do not have a qualifying health care plan/insurance? Let’s not mention the daily increasing prices on everything from fuel, to groceries to utilities, etc. Momma & I can stand a little more pinch before we have to become "subsistence existors", but the major medical costs and limitations may have me, mopar and everyone else with significant medical issues/concerns and costs headed for the exit via the "death panel" reviews showing we aren't worth the cost of our treatment and medications. By GOD as the witness, older veterans were “promised” as a future reward for sacrifices that we’d have health care until the day we died if we served through a career. That was misleading at best, but I now pay small amounts for what I was told I wouldn’t have to. I understand, but realize “TRUST NO ONE IN GOVT” until that individual has proven them self worthy.

    I've posted this everywhere...Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. is Public Enemy #1, followed by his puppeteer Geo. Soros, the Muzlem Brotherhood and Co. along with a whole gaggle of treacherous (treasonous) self-interested political & financial figures that want nothing more than to destroy the very fiber that set America apart from all the other nations of the world. There will be no consequences for Obama’s errant and criminal ways if the citizens of this country do not have the determination to face down the menace and work toward the goal of resolving the problem. Dang sure isn’t going to be a calk walk.

    I ain’t got much left to loose and as for dying…I stared the Reaper down last fall…doesn’t scare me none. When Heaven calls…I’m taking the elevator to the top hoping the good I’ve done outweighs the errors and by the Blood of the Lamb at peace. I ain’t going without doing what I can to educate, enlighten and improve others’ steads. FROM MY DEAD HANDS if you will, be it a firearm or this keyboard.

  8. Spoon

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    Okay fellas, here's my Congresswoman's reply:

    As you can see, she's not going to stick her neck out yet other than to share the outrage. For a little background - Vicky isn't a politician, but a country gal, former teacher and farmers wife. She and her husband own a farm equipment sales business too. Her reply shows that at least some in Congress are working on it...but since the devil is in the details and loose lips sink stuff...I didn't expect a full dossier type of report or reply.

    Everyone needs to hammer their current and then later...if hands change post election, hit the newbies up with a haymaker to keep the fires burning so that even when BHO leaves office...the bloodhounds will be on a hot trail and not have to circle and circle to find out where the fox went. I'm gonna bulldog this mess until we get satisfaction or the MIBs show up to take me out...cause I they ain't taking me in for being a Pat.

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