Odd things that we aquire over time.

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    Can you identify this object???
    I'll post the answer after others have replied.
    A few years ago when my son was moving to his new (to him) home, he was gathering a load of scrap metal to take to the salvage yard. I seen this in the trailer and ask about it. He said that he found it in the woods while hunting (at least that's his story, and I think he's sticking to it). I thought it was neat so I brought it home.
    To give reference to it's size, it is laying beside a 24" builder's square.

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  2. squirrelhunter

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    Either a bomb or an antique bowling pin.:D

  3. greyhawk50

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    A couple hints;
    1. It's mane of metal.
    2. Retired Navy Personnel should know.
  4. lingr

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    Rocket launcher shell.
  5. MattNH

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    2 more and you can juggle.
  6. R.Ph. 380

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    BDU (Bomb Dummy Unit)

    Practice bomb
  7. greyhawk50

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    The only remaining mystery is how did it end up in a woods in Ohio? If, in fact, that is a true story.

    Practice Shape ​

    Also referred to as a Practice Shape, and was used for bombing practice for the A-4 and A-7 type aircraft and could have been used by others.

    It had a small smoke cartridge in the nose, so that when it hit the ground the chase plane could see where the shape hit in reference to the intended target and they are not at all that dangerous.
  8. MattNH

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    Every few months we get a notification that there will be a detonation at the New Boston Air Force Tracking Station. The Manchester, NH airport (MHT) was Grenier Field before WWII and the land that now is occupied by the Air Force Tracking Station (23rd Space Operations) used to be the practice area for bombing runs. They find un-exploded ordinance there all the time. My point, very explainable on how it wound up in the woods.