oddball calibers

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    Goodblade, let me tell you from experience. If you truly have something not for sale, don't price it!!! Somebody will for sure take you up on it. I priced a Browning 'sweet sixteen' when I should of kept my mouth shut. That was after I priced for twice what I thought it was worth!!
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    Goodblade............... what does the roll stamp on the barrel say?....... does it have 307Win?..... Does it have the "JM" mark?......... Love to see a pic......and even pester you to sell it to me:D
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    I had Nonneman convert a 30-30 to 307 years back. It shot great but the factory loads would stick in the chamber a lot after being fired. Nonneman does great work so its not a reflection of that but of the fact that Winchester 307 ammo is loaded to 50K plus pressures and coupled with the smaller bore diameter of 308 would cause sticky cases. The 356 and 375 chamberings did not have this problem because the bores were larger and able to dissipate the pressures more rapidly. I believe that is why Marlin brought out the 308ME since it operates in the 46K range.
    The powder capacity of the 307win is less than the 308win because the bullet has to be seated deeper in the case to get an overall length of no greater than 2.55" to function through the action and not because the brass is thicker.
    I had no problems loading to 300 Savage levels and even used 308 brass for my loads. It would function fine and eject just fine.
    I believe that is why Marlin never released the 307 chambering to the general public and later developed the 308 Marlin Express since I runs at less than 50K pressures. I have a Marlin 308MX and love it and it gets the same or better velocity than the 307 with a more efficient bullet.
    I was getting 2550 to 2600fps with the 150gr bullet in the 307 and around 2400-2450 with the 180gr loading. The 308ME will get 2600+ for the 160gr loading and shoot flatter. I haven't tried the 150gr Remington load and have shot only a few of the 140gr loads but they shoot great.
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    I've got a Marlin 1894CL chambered in 218 Bee...:)
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    My Uncle has a lever action chambered in 25-20, sais it was a deer huntin machine back in the day. He did say he never fired it over 50 yards, its a cool little gun
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    219 Zipper 356 375 38-55 but so far the 32-40 has eluded me
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    Odd Calibers.

    I have four in .30-30, then one each in .32 WS, .35 Rem, .375 Win, .444 Marlin, .45-70 Gov't. They are a combination of Marlins, Winchesters, and one Mossberg 472.

    My nephew has a 110+ year old octagonal barreled Marlin 1895 in .38-56. It's a good shooter, he reforms .45-70 brass for it.


    I need to take a new group picture, my .45-70 was purchased after this was taken.
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    picked up another oddball, a 1909 Argentine Cavalry Carbine in 7.65x53 Mauser, originally chambered
    in the 1889 Belgian Mauser. That's over 125 years old, launching a 150grn spitzer @ 2600-2700fps and
    a 180 grn round nose @ 2400-2500 fps. the gun was mfg in 1911, I liked it so much, I built one out of a
    1908 Brazilian Mauser action and an Argentine barrel & stock (franken-gun), it's the one on the bottom.
    2765 2766 2767

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    I'm kinda partial to Mausers myself. Nice looking pair ya got!
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    Nice looking Mausers. The Mauser Action is one of the best ever. Enjoy and thanks for sharing.

    I had forgot about this thread. I guess that my 7-30 Waters falls into this category.

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