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Off to the Range for some testing

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Its off to the range, with my old Mate, Bill, in a day or 2, and by Thursday, (Oz time) I should know where my new loads are going, and how consistant I can get them.

Will be interesting.
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Have to check out some things that my .222 is not doing, like hitting foxes, and bunnies, that it normally destroys.
Dropping it, may well have stuffed the scope.
Kind of explains why it takes a while to get it to shoot good, and then next time I go out I cant hit anything, on dead easy shots.
I originally got a Leupold, as I thought they were tough

Testing first, to make sure the problen is not between the trigger and the ground. ( me of course )
Looking at everything else, in the process too.

Maybe a another Zeiss coming up.
Oh the $$$$$$$$$$

Keep fingers crossed.
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I should add
.444 Marlin.........Spot on
.270 Remington 700 CDL ....Spot on.
6.5*55 Sweed......................Spot on.

Of course I have to play, and try new projectiles, as well

Why ?
Because I can !
Cheers guys
I know that sometimes we all have bad days ect. and I am no exception.
But both Danny and myself were missing easy 200 yd shots.
Mind you we did get a "skippy" and 2 bunnies, but most things escaped us.

My supervisor at work, is also a shooting buddy of mine, and he got 20 of my rounds to try out, as well.
So I am trying to cover all angles.

ps .... wosh I could spell properly sometimes too

Good news

At 100 mts ( 110 yds ) both my .222 and .270 are shooting just fine.

The .222 problem was between the trigget and the ground, (yes me !)

Gotta love those Caldwell lead sleds, for sorting out things.



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The .444 was spot on, last time I used it.
My favourite trick was to put a box of matches on a fence post at 100 mts and hit it.

I call that great. !
May I add to the statement now.

That feat was not that hard to do !
My young fella was in the Australian Army for 6 years, and he taught me that if you shoulder the rifle, pointed down, and when you lift it up to sight, you have eliminated one dimension, ie left and right fields. Therefore at first sight of the matchbox, let drive, and you can hit it 8 out of 10 times.
Well we'll

The problem was between the trigger and the ground.
Me old mate Bill picked it immediately.
I was compensating for a scope that was not lined up properly.
So after a lecture and some practical work from Old Bill, everything was on target, and several good sideways taps made no difference to the MOA still under 1" at 100 yds, and that's plenty good enuf for hunting
Yes, by all means, keep the goodies coming.
Always good to hear about Down Under.
I too am sorry for the hijack.
All good down here.
The world did not end (again)
So Santa will come to us all !

Let's get over the festive season, and in mid January get back into hunting again.
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