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***Official TOP SHOT Thread***

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The use of weapons of all types have changed the course of history. The best marksmen from around the country compete in challenges that put their skills to the test to determine who is the best using a variety of different weapons. The show features 16 contestants, split into two teams of eight, competing in various types of shooting challenges. One by one, the contestants are eliminated until only one remains. The winner will walk away with $100,000 prize and the title of "Top Shot."

The fourth season of Top Shot ( Tuesday 10pm EST History Channel ) will commence 2/14/2012.

The purpose of this thread is to have an official forum to discuss the shows challenges & challengers...weapon platforms, calibers used...and all the other aspects of the show.

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So, what did everyone think of the opening Episode of Top Shot !?
dang shooter, all i gotta do now is come home from work and log into my forum account and get the latest update on the show! i don't even need to watch it now! good update though! keep it coming shooter.
Anybody here ever get a chance to shoot a B.A.R. !?
shooter i haven't, but i would jump at the chance to shoot one. they say they are pretty jumpy in recoil when firing full auto, but a blast to shoot. a full auto 30-06, way badass!
one gun i would like to shoot, is a bolt action 50 BMG sniper rifle! i wouldn't mind owning one, and really have no need of one, but i would settle for just a day of shooting one.
I've looked hard at a few .50 cal's myself, but have nowhere I could shoot one!
same boat, shooter! but i would still love to shoot one. this is one rifle, that would have no practical purpose in me owning it, other than the fact that i could say i own one!
1 - 4 of 51 Posts
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