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Old 410

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Recently acquired an old lever action 410. As far as I can tell it is an old stock holder promotional gun. Blueing on receiver is great however barrel is about 60%. 26 inch round barrel. Any additional info would be appreciated. Wood is fair to good with stock being worse than fore end.
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I'm not exactly sure what you are looking for....but here is what I recall.....I think according to Brophy there were around 5,500 410 manufactured between 1929-1932. Barrel Lengths were typically 22" or 26". It was made for 2 1/2 long shells only. It could have been purchased over the counter, ordered or as you mentioned as a "free" gun option upon purchase of 4 shares of stock. The hammer, frame, barrel and stock where blued, the levers case hardened. I believe the barrels had a single small silver colored bead. To the best of my knowledge there are a few actual deluxe models out there, but several have been checkered after the fact and being passed off as such.. They are serialized with non prefixed numbers and U prefixed numbers.. ... and although it used a 93 frame (but was serrated on the top to reduce glare) the serial numbers where separate from that model, which was near the end of its production...Some Marlin collectors believe the number to be closer to 10000 made, but I have not tracked the numbers enough to substantiate this claim.....The shotgun came out of favor with the introduction of the 3" shell. Hope this helps.

I have only owned one and sold it about 7 years of these days I'll find another
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