Old eyes suck!

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  1. tahoe2

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    Last fall I had an opportunity at a nice six point buck @ 140-150 yards, he was under a forest canopy at last light,
    and I couldn't differentiate from my iron sights and the buck's body.
    So I let em go.
    Not this year though! I realized that without a scope my eyes are useless, and I remedied that situation.:D
    I picked up one of those scope mount drill & tap jigs off of E-bay for $60 bucks. That's less than the last rifle I had D&T'd,
    and that so-called "smith" botched the job (the mounts worked, but are not perfect). So I figured I could do at least that good.

    Cavalry Carbine in 7.65x53 with a Pentax 1.75-5 x 20 w/ballistic plex
    Spanish Carbine in 7x57 with a Weaver Grand Slam 4.75 x 40 fixed w/std duplex
    both have Leupold mounts & rings
    sport carbines 003.jpg
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  2. Mauserhooked

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    They look like great set ups, tahoe2! Hope they work well for your next hunt.

  3. greyhawk50

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    Those rifles look great. Should do the trick.
    And yes, old eyes suck but it's better than the alternative. I've got the early stages of macula degeneration and a blind spot in the center of my right eye field of vision(dominate eye). I've been forced to shoot my rifles left handed. Very uncomfortable. I've scoped my mod. 60 & my 7.63X54R. Although I'm still using iron sights on my Browning 44 mag. Lever rifle and my 50 cal. Muzzle Loader. May need to put a Holographic Reflex on the M.L.
    It is what it is and you gotta do what ever it takes. Just don't let the bad guys win. LOL
  4. SWO1

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    I "Resemble" the remarks about eye sight. Oh the days when I shot National Match in the Marine Corps. Iron sights at 200, 300, and 500 yards. I just went form a 36X to a 42X at 50 yards bench 22. March makes scopes 50-60-80 X. And yes I have been checking them out .... :p
  5. tahoe2

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    Thanks fellas (for the support), I can still maintain 3"-5" with peeps out the Marlin and the Chester 94 @ 100,
    but those Mauser military irons just don't cut it anymore (for hunting),
    I still like to punch paper plates @ 50-80 yds just for plinking fun. :D
  6. tahoe2

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    range report

    Well I had me some fun last weekend, unfortunately the bolt handle rubbed on the bell of the eyepiece and the rear mount worked loose (found out when I got home) on the Cavalry Carbine. But the loads show promise, the middle plate was the last groups I fired (loose rear mount). So I changed scopes and locktited it all back down, now I need to go shoot again! :D
    Best group in the 1893 Spanish Carbine surprised me with that 30-30 class load, I thought it would prefer heavier longer bullets. I put 139's, 150's, and 160's, through it, with the 139's doing the best.
    sniper 011.jpg sniper 013.jpg
    sniper 005.jpg
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  7. Truckman

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    You could put a little paint (I hear nail polish works great) on those iron sights.
  8. tahoe2

    tahoe2 Well-Known Member

    Hey Truckman, that's good advice, the rear sight is painted white and the front is bright orange, but to no avail at last light (10 min). The buck was under an evergreen canopy, as was I, and I couldn't be positive of my shot, so I passed. But I'll get him this season, or his brother, or his cousin. LOL :D
  9. Truckman

    Truckman Well-Known Member

    :eek: Well, the next step is a laser sight! :p