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old lurker, new member

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Hi, been lurking and reading for awhile but finally joined as a member; long-time Marlin owner dating back to my first one, an 1895, back in the 1970's.
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Welcome back? So I have been here before!

I thought I registered once before, many moons ago, but couldn't figure out my username and password. Finally decided that I was delusional and just re-joined.

If this causes any difficulties, I would be happy to delete this registration ( if that can be done) and carry on under my old screen name ( if you can tell me what it was and how to do it).

I'm not very computer-literate so please use only one syllable words. :)
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They probably couldn't find you if you have a different computer or smartphone, or ISP. I wouldn't worry about it. "Don't ask, don't tell"
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