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    A while back I had an occasion to shoot a really nice Marlin 12 ga. pump that looked liked a Win 97.Exposed hammer and had a matted "rib" along the top of the barrel from breach to muzzle.This gun was in great shape and a pleasure to shoot.I really like these old model guns as they fit me well and I'm deadly on the trap field and goose blinds with them.The problem is I don't know what the model of this gun was and I would love to find one to add to my collection,anybody out there have a clue or one that I might be able to purchase?
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    check GunsAmerica gun auction or GunBroker gun auction. on GunsAmerica, go to the shotgun section, then scroll down until you find the Marlin shotguns, then just scroll through the listings until you find what looks like the one you are looking for. as i am not as familiar with Marlin shotguns, i can't even suggest what model it might be. hope this helps you out some. good luck in your search.

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    I just purchased the model you describe, this afternoon. It's a Marlin Model 49. They made only 3,000 of them and they were given to purchasers of Marlin stock. They were made between 1925 and 1928. I have now exhausted my limited knowledge of this model Marlin. I came here to ask questions and maybe learn to disassemble it.

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    Welcome to the Marlin Firearms Forum Fredo Batali !!
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    Welcome Fredo and thanks for that info. I learn something new everyday.
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    I too have a Marlin 49, I did not know they were given to stockholders, makes it a little more special. I also have a 19 and a 1898. Do any of you know the important differences in these very similar shotguns? As mentioned before, they tend to sell much cheaper than their Winchester cousins, but the quality is top notch.
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    I was wondering if anyone had any info on the marlin model 43 pump shotgun, I have just purchased one and I'm looking to know how many were made, I know it was made between 1922 and 1930. Just looking for a bit more info on it thanks ImageUploadedByMarlin Forum1392762832.679040.jpg

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