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Old Style 336 RC Stocks

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I have a 1948 336 RC that is missing the buttstock. It was that way when I got it, but I would like to restore it. The problem is very early Marlin 336 models used slightly different tangs for attaching the stocks. It is a standard pistol grip, but it is just about 1/4 inch thicker across the neck of the buttstock than newer 336 stocks. Anyone have any suggestions.
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dale check out Numrich gun parts or Boyd's Gunstocks. maybe either one of them might have something that might work. also try out as they have lots of gun parts on their site for auction also. might find someone with one for sale there.
Thanks. Those sound like good options.
Thanks. Those sound like good options.
you're welcome. let us know what you find and how it turns out.
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