Olympic Arms also goes 2A.

Discussion in '2nd Amendment' started by greyhawk50, Feb 14, 2013.

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    What if the NRA, GOA, JPFO and other 2A organizations would join together to encourage Firearms/Ammo Manufactures to stop all sales to NY and other anti-gun states until the gun bans are overturned?
    Just saying.

    Sean is urging folks to contact other manufacturers to respectfully ask them to follow the lead of these other states, and if they respond in the negative, ask them why. Smith & Wesson, SIG SAUER, and Glock are the three manufacturers
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    Saw that good news yesterday. Looks like Olympic set the bar. I too wonder how many other outfits will follow Oly's lead? Piggy-backs off of some Sheriffs and Chiefs of PDs that cancel current and future dealings with Cheaper Than Dirt (roles reversed) when CTD jacked their prices way, way up overnight. I'm sure individual officers will still access, but without mention of PD affiliations and they'll pay the higher price, the same as the rest of us.

    We can hope, pray and WRITE suggestive memos to all those places we frequent. Some many decide to curtail, while others won't or can't because the LE trade comprises a majority of their business, hence profits.

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    It takes guts and sacrifice to make a stand for what is right. If we (all of us in this business) don't make a stand there will not be much of civilian market left for anyone to sell too. What would that do to their bottom line.
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    duster - good "sales point" to make with those that depend on US...the customer for the roof and meals they have and eat.
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    I'll just piggy back on this thread.

    This is a link to an article highlighting Olympic and other Firearms Mfgs that have established a NO SALES policy to government agencies that exist in areas of the US that have restrictive gun & accessory bans. At the end of the piece is a listing, complete with all contact information for those bigger manufacturers that haven't joined the NO SALE team.

    IF ya'll get time and a hankering...please think about sending one or more notes to Glock, Sig, S&W and Remington. May not do much good since I'm sure Govt. and LE contracts/orders offer them bigger bucks that we're paying for anyway.

    Thanks for considering an effort toward voicing your opinion...if you will.
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    Good thread gentlemen...!!
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    I contacted Midway this morning directly. I'd seen an article about Larry Potterfield and Co. filing the same flight plan. Sounded strange...hence the contact with the boys n girls up the road. Midway's policy to not sell to ANYONE, LEO or agency at whatever Govt. level is unchanged. If high-cap mags aren't allowed by State Law...none get shipped there. They haven't sold to CA and others anti-firearms / restricted laden states for quite a while. They're not on the NO SALES PERIOD wagon...yet :rolleyes: