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One Helluva deal IMO....

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I have read a bit but not much about the Marlin XR7 and it's demise.....I have been told but don't know it to be true that the XR7 was so much less expensive but damn near the same rifle as the Remington 700 they decided to discontinue it as not to hurt 700 sales....I really haven't read up on it so I can't verify. I am sure one of you guys can help?? Anyway...I bought an XR7 today. 22 inch barrel in .243......Put a pretty decent scope with Leupold rings on it and can't wait till next weekend to shoot it... $329.00 for the rifle!! Any info. you guys could lay on me about this gun would be great..Thnx..
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Our youth model shoots under an inch at a 100 yds.
I pretty much stick to Marlin rimfire and an 1894C, but that's great deal. My only centerfire rifles are Winchester Model 70's, one a pre-'64 in .30-06 and a 1964 in .225WIN. Congrats.
It was competing with their 770 rifle and the 783 rifle. Probably competing with the cheaper 700 synthetic model as well.
They are great rifles but now everybody has a cheaper synthetic rifle including Remington, Mossberg, Savage, and Ruger. I have a Savage Axis 243 and a Ruger American Compact 308.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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