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Ammo suppliers in Australia

As a reloader, I have no problem getting anything I need from a series of suppliers.
I have my favourites, as we all do, and I always manage to find, and drop into a Gunshop, anywhere in Australia, we happen to be at the time.
And trust me we do travell all over the place

Here is a list of some of the suppliers I use

There are also various Suppliers that actually have no web site, but are brilliant shops

Alpine Country, Morwell, Victoria
C & A Canvas, Morwell, Victotia
Armory and Ammunition, Dandenong South, Victoria
Boronia Firearms, Victoria
Claremont Firearms, Perth, W.A
Okey Firearms, Queensland

Prices may seem high, but everything is imported, except ADI Powders


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Midwayusa for quite a while now has had .22 availiable. Mostly Match, Ealy and RWS @ big $$, but pretty normal prices for that. But also they have Federal Gold Medal Target @ $38.99 a 500 brick (#711B). Federals claim to fame on this ammo is it took the Gold medal in the 92 Olympics.....LOL. According to all Match sites ITS NO LONGER THE SAME AMMO. Numerous FTE, FTF, FLYERS. These complaints from the competation bunch are the death toll on any match ammo and probley explains the availiability.

However for general shooting and plinking probley will surfice and you never know out of a particular gun.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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