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Went to the range, when I started shooting the first eight rounds looked like buckshot from 25 yds,this was at 50 yds ,then I had two ftf’s ,the third shot fired then the two previous rounds were shot again
( they only had slight marks on the primers)they fired,the group was three touching low and to the right of center ,in the white,I adjusted Lefteyeshot and up the next three were at nine o’clock in the whites little too far but in a 1 1/4” group ,I readjusted ,the next three were dead center bull 1 1/2” group,I can only say that the really bad shooting before was due to barrel break in( this is a brand new unused North Haven barrel) because it was like a lights switch,after about 45 rds total suddenly the rifle began grouping much better .when I was young still in the Marines,with my deerhead Marlin and peeps I could shoot those kind of groups at 100 yds(1 1/2”) at home on leave,opefully break in will continue to improve the barrels abilties.this a rare thing today,I have basically a brand new JM Marlin to play with!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts