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I have been on a few other forums and I always dump them in a few months. Taurus Armed forum is the latest. I just bailed out from there last night.

I have had trouble with their policies since I joined but finally had enough. Basically they are hypocrites and boors. Double standards, or selective standards seem to be my problem with the moderators and admins.

No direct posting of any Bible Scripture is allowed and no posts of videos or other media that are religious in nature are allowed. The claim is that the forum is a family oriented place to be so a PG-13 attitude exists. No cussing, no posts that could warp a kids mind, so to speak. But, they allow ethnic jokes and when a mod or admin posts something off color it is overlooked. Some of my posts have been pulled because of their ratings and I was not happy because I disagreed with their reasoning but the decision of a moderator or admin is set in stone.

There seems to be allowances made for favorites and "buds" and these people bow and scrape to the highest ranking members. Assigning a graduated Military type rank is a result of excessive posting so if someone wants to crap in one of your posts, just to gain a higher post count it is ok. It is similar to a filibuster. Post pirating or hijacking is normal and is allowed.

I just got tired of the hypocrisy and bullying so I bailed, and good riddance.

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Certain forums seem to have a clique of people and if you don't agree with their standards your vapor or history, they are so very special and arrogant.My favorite saying is "I Love Arrogant People Because I Know I'm So Much Better Than Them"
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