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Our philosophy is quite simple...

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…combine the latest cutting-edge technology with innovative design and modern production methods to achieve the most comfortable, effective, ergonomic, safest gunstocks and accessories in the industry. With this goal, Hunting Tactical is the premier marketplace of leading-edge gunstocks and accessories for a wide variety of hunting. Never fully satisfied with present-day technology, We are constantly pushing today’s science in an effort to apply the latest advancements to my product offerings. All this, to provide you with the enjoyable hunting experience.

Increasing both the value and quality of your firearm and experience, We've simplified your life with our Simple-to-Adjust philosophy. All of the products we design and offer, including our premier Hunting Tactical branded stocks, are completely compatible with industry standard products; thus, enhancing your current firearm. Our Simple-to-Adjust philosophy allows you to replace, your existing traditional gunstock and bring your classic hunting rifle into the modern age. The end result? The highest quality, easy to customize gunstock you’ll ever own.

Our products are easy to install, upgrade and customize, manufactured in the U.S.A., and constructed with Military Grade Polymer. Our Hunting Tactical branded products have a lifetime warranty; resulting in the highest quality gunstocks and accessories in the industry.
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I own a Glenfield Marlin Model 60...built in 1980...that I fell in love with because of it's awesome furniture and the squirrel stamped on the stock.

Not quite ready to switch over to black tactical furniture just yet.

But, yes...the website is well thought out.
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