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    A few targets I have accumulated and regularly use in PDF format, basically just print. The credit of the source remains on the targets except for the 2 I made myself. Each file name has a short description, distance and paper size. The Appleseed AQT on 11x17 is the whole course of fire, but the 4 strings are also broken up into three 8.5x11 sheets for standing, sitting/kneeling and prone. I only have the Red Coat target I made in 8.5x14 but will eventually try and get it onto 8.5x11. If there is a problem with copyrights I will remove

    Sighter - 2in red square (8.5x11)
    Sighter - Tech Sights 25m 5-8 MOA clicks (8.5x11)
    Siloette - animals 25yds (8.5x11)
    Target - 5 2in circles red (8.5x11)
    Target - 6 black squares (8.5x11)
    Target - AQT black 25m (11x17)
    Target - AQT standing (8.5x11)
    Target - AQT sitting (8.5x11)
    Target - AQT prone (8.5x11)
    Target - Redcoat 25m (8.5x14)
    Target - Redcoat head 25m (11x8.5)
    Target - rimfirecentral 10Bull green 25y (8.5x11)

    Just thought I would share a collection of targets I regularly use with my rimfires, happy shooting

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    Went by a Graphics and Printing shop in town today. Checked on having my practice targets printed locally instead of ordering via Internet. I have been paying from $20-$30 per Hundred. He will print them for $20/100 and on heavy card stock. Saves shipping and I can have some printed up while I wait .... :D
    I will take one each of the three I shoot in matches and have them made tomorrow.