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Pellet guns

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Anybody else have a pellet gun I have a Beeman i like to shoot once in awhile in the back 40 when i can't get to the range. Ill bet it weighs 10 pounds
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anybody else have a pellet gun i have a beeman i like to shoot once in awhile in the back 40 when i can't get to the range. Ill bet it weighs 10 pounds
i have 2 beeman breakbarrels [email protected] 50 yards i shoot tacks off my fence.i have 5x16x56 inch scopes ,illuminated reticals,bullet drop compensators and scope stops.a springer has a kick front and back and will blow the crosshairs our of the most expensive need a pellet gun scope.mine is a 35 pound break.i an 200 pounds and five foot ten and not weak and have to break it over my knee has a three stage trigger and is longer and heavier than any real rifle i have.i eat squirrells once a week and shoot them in the head at 30 to 50 yars at guns where well over 300 bucks each but you get what you pay for you want to hunt with it use jsb predator hunting pellets any thing else use meisterclugen or beeman crow magnums.but if you have a scope get a scope stop or your scope will never keep a zero and will walk right off the rails.i will post my guns and some 4x4 cards that have clover leaves in the middle at 50 yards.beeman is the best bang for the buck.mine are convertible,comes with a 177 caliber barrel and 22 caliber a 177 maims alot of animals i always use my 22 barrel.but i have 400 dollar pellet guns and always go back to my beemand.great guns..
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look here...


barska 4x32 ao air gun scopes w/ adjustable objective - ac10004 riflescope rifle scope...strong, reliable...damn good price.
i get all my airgun needs from are great people.their prices are great.they stand by their warrentee and they have huge scopes like mine guarenteed not to blow up for 60 or 70 bucks and get the scope is like 12 bucks.i have 2 on each gun.they are like clamps with bump stops that buffer the scope and keep it from walking off the rails.but buy the better pellets.i buy tins 12 buck for 1,500 pellets but the deviation in weight it .01.which makes your gun 1000x more go to walmart your groups will be crap.i shoot almost every day.sometimes going through one tin in a couple any info or tip or tricks i know them.anything you could ever want including airguns up to 2k they sell and stand behind their products.check em out it can`t hurt.

ok folks...need a sage's advice and the best location for an affordable variable power optic for a nitro piston. I bought the base line nitro from midway back in april knowing the cheap pkg scope was probably going to be short-lived. I've had to reset zero several times but it went haywire finally after about 1300 cycles.

Can anyone here recommmend a half-decent air rifle scope that will withstand the double thump of the piston's force everytime i pull the trigger. It was shooting really well and then complete system failure of the reticle. It's only a $39.95 centerpointe they throw in with the rifle, but the rifle's worth the full cost all by itself at $140 for the pkg.

I'm open for thoughts, comments and suggestions. The fox squirrel i took 3 pokes at yesterday from dead certain dead range never even flinched :confused: I found out the rifle was only shooting about 14 inches high all of a sudden :mad: I need closure ;) and a chance to put him in the skillet on our next encounter.
spoon i would blow the crosshairs right out of the me before you buy anything check out pyramid air.they must sell 1,000 different scopes.i am sure you can find a good variable power one cheap.i said good buy 3 tins from them get the fourth free and free shipping.h&r.nmaisterklugen,beeman cro magnums,jsb predators.i have shot every pellet they make.if you find a pellet you like and burn through the tin and buy the exact tin shoot paper with will be off just a little.there is always a deviation.check it out my brother..
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