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Pellet guns

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Anybody else have a pellet gun I have a Beeman i like to shoot once in awhile in the back 40 when i can't get to the range. Ill bet it weighs 10 pounds
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OK Folks...need a Sage's advice and the best location for an affordable variable power optic for a Nitro Piston. I bought the base line Nitro from Midway back in April knowing the cheap pkg scope was probably going to be short-lived. I've had to reset zero several times but it went haywire finally after about 1300 cycles.

Can anyone here recommmend a half-decent air rifle scope that will withstand the double thump of the piston's force everytime I pull the trigger. It was shooting really well and then complete system failure of the reticle. It's only a $39.95 CenterPointe they throw in with the rifle, but the rifle's worth the full cost all by itself at $140 for the pkg.

I'm open for thoughts, comments and suggestions. The fox squirrel I took 3 pokes at yesterday from dead certain DEAD range never even flinched :confused: I found out the rifle was only shooting about 14 inches high all of a sudden :mad: I need closure ;) and a chance to put him in the skillet on our next encounter.
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spoon i would blow the crosshairs right out of the me before you buy anything check out pyramid air.they must sell 1,000 different scopes.i am sure you can find a good variable power one cheap.i said good buy 3 tins from them get the fourth free and free shipping.h&r.nmaisterklugen,beeman cro magnums,jsb predators.i have shot every pellet they make.if you find a pellet you like and burn through the tin and buy the exact tin shoot paper with will be off just a little.there is always a deviation.check it out my brother..
I've got them in my favorites...will check them out again for an optic. Any brand you guys recommend outside of the Barska? I'd prefer a variable over a straight 4X...old eyes and all. I had the rings locked against the swell at the reticle...didn't walk, but just cheap scope couldn't take the front&back recoil of the piston. This rifle shoots hard. I still need to throw a GRT III ($32) trigger in it to remove all the slack and make it a hunting weapon. Fun stuff for 2 of our grandsons when they come for a visit. A lot of force to cock the rifle, so I'm there with them the whole time. I get worn out just loading the darn thing. It shoots pretty consistently with cheap to better pellets. POI changes of course, but the Crossman Premiums seem to shoot the best so far.

I've also got an older Benjamin that needs an overhaul with new piston seals. Accurate Airgun Repairs will jack it to a 900fps killing machine for $90 with a full guarantee...but $$$ right now towards ammo, powder & primers...if you know what I mean! I wish I had the really old Benji that I got when I was a sprite. That little rifle and I spent hundreds of hours combing the desert killing rats and birds that the neighbors cats didn't let go to waste. Had some great shooting contests with my father thinning out the sparrows around the house when we lived by the Rio Grande. If he only knew how many doves & quail I killed and ate that the Benji put down...he'd a flipped his top!

Thanks for you fella's comments. Kinda what I figured about having to get an "AIR GUN SCOPE". Funny that the recoil from a simple plinker has to have its own breed of optic. Just an enjoyable way to spend some free time and it hones the eye/trigger finger for when it really counts. Most of the grandkids would rather rattle shells through the 10/22 or Mk II and a couple of em love shooting my centerfire pistols...gets Xpensive! Of course they all seem to love to send rounds down range with the M4, but can't get the younger ones to step up and shoot the .243 thru '06. I toted a 12ga from 8yrs on up. I didn't fret about recoil...not when it meant being an accepted hunter among men!!!


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