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Pellet guns

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Anybody else have a pellet gun I have a Beeman i like to shoot once in awhile in the back 40 when i can't get to the range. Ill bet it weighs 10 pounds
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That's a great story Ickaber...I'm sure they are enjoying it !!
I currently own a Crosman 38T in .22 cal, a Crosman C11 in .177 cal, a Crosman 760 in .177 cal, a Crosman 1008 in .177 cal, a Crosman 1377 in .177 cal, a Crosman Autoair II in .177 cal and a Chicom .177 cal air rifle.

I shoot them all at my 30-foot target range in my underground bunker.


PS I also own a (non-operating) Daisy Mod 92 in .177 cal.
Have an older Benjamin 1474 in .177 and an old Crossman 1300 pump pistol in .22. Shoot both of them weekly to stay in practice.
Shooting Spray Paint Cans:)
That sounds like fun Four...then what, shoot turpentine for clean up ?! :p
No have the neighbor
Its a long story so many years ago that involved a Crossman 760, cans of spray paint
21 - 28 of 28 Posts
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