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Pellet Rifles

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Anyone else have and shoot them?

I use a Red Ryder for playing around but have an old crossman pump to work on my shooting with.
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I had a crossmen 760 wore that thing out! I now have a Beeman H1000 Pellet rifle,I bought at Cabelas about 7 years ago.
I have a Crosman G1 Extreme. I sometimes practice in my Work Shop with a homemade target box.
It's listed at 1000 fps or 1200 fps with special pellets. I ran some standard pellets through my chronograph and they registered about 950 fps. It is a little big and bulky like the Gamo Whisper but the price was fair. It came as a combo with a 1" scope.
I also have a Daisy Powerline 880. It's OK for Target Practice and shooting Starlings and such.

I like my Crosman. Very accurate, single break with good velocity. Very similar to a Gamo but much less expensive.
I would not recommend a Gamo Recon. It's their bottom line model and shoots at less than 600 fps. The one I had wasn't all that accurate.
Yes I's a GAMO Whisper, .177 caliber with muzzle velocity of 1000fps at the muzzle with lead, 1200fps at the muzzle with PBA loads...drops squirrels and chipmunks in their tracks...

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Am I the only one who prefers pumps? I've never had a high dollar spring and it seems they lose velocity quickly.
Yes, they can lose velocity if you keep them ready to shoot, but in a "relaxed state", the spring and the gaskets are not under pressure.
I have a BB gun target range out back that is mucho fun and perfect for getting daily shooting out of your system. If I need to drop something I use my 20 gauge coach with
number 9's out of my full choke side and it presents absolutely no danger to the neighbors even when knocking an animal from a tree. I've in-turn through demonstration got
them returning the same favor.

If you get an air gun, keep the velocity below the speed of sound and use only dome-top bullets. This is advice written by Dr. Beeman himself.
The speed of sound upsets the accuracy and it looses velocity faster. The dome-tops pellets retain velocity down range better than any other
fancy pellet.
I use the GAMO MAGNUM ( pointed tip ) for game and the GAMO MATCH ( wadcutter ) for punching paper.
For some reasons in test, the dometops retain better velocity,accuracy, and killing power down range. The .20 caliber/5mm is the best balance of velocity and killing power according to Beeman too.

I had a 5mm Sheridan as a kid and killed the heck out of stuff. I have a 22cal now and at sixty yards it really has killing power over the 177.

This is all science and testing, I didn't make it up.
I gotta use a pellet rifle in my backyard...neighbors, dogs, and houses are all within the suppressor keeps the noise down.

If that wasn't the case, it would be a .22 Marlin 80.
I think the GAMO Whisper, .177 caliber with a weaver 4x rimfire is a good economic deadly combo. My son has one in town and uses lead dometops.
I liked the old metal pumps. Today, its easier to get a cheap one pump.
I went out to shoot last night thinking about this thread.

The BB's got left out in the rain and are all ruined.
I am not that interested with riffle pellets though I have a few air gun rifles which are great and all that.

But for pellets, I had this recent gas blow back full metal pistol purchase from WE.

It uses green gas which is good because it is just cheap. Though it usually runs through 16 full magazine refills with 20bbs each.
Sounds like Airsoft...the ammo gives it away !
Sounds like Airsoft...the ammo gives it away !
I was thinking that but I've been wrong in the past.

I love Airsoft. I don't play on a large level anymore since having kids and all my friends doing the same but it's great.
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