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Picked up a 336

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A friend recently bought a 336 prior to Christmas . He believes manufactured in 1974. He got quite a deal on it. I told him, if you want to sell it, I'd like first dibs.
We spoke on the phone yesterday .... I pick it up in a month or so when I get home off the road. I may make this run a week or two shorter to go pick it up.
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Good deal, Mon! A good sign that you're a gun nut, when picking up a new gun has priority over work! Ha. That's not a bad thing either.
Congrats, picks when you get it
Nice ...........

Been looking for one a few years. They've been in the 400$ plus range. This one was 300$ .
But I don't think I can get home till another 3-4 weeks. Guess I'll start looking for ammo while I'm out . Lol
Hi Dad:

Be careful you can contract a very serious disease called Marlinitis. Only cure is buying more Marlins!! ;)

Change of plans. My friend found a 336 30-30 . I asked what's his plans on it. He said sell or trade. So I'm trading back the 35 rem for the 30-30
The ammo is more available, but I do like the look of the 35 rem cartridge.
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