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Please vote for Minute Man National Park

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I just found out about this...

Minute Man National Park has the opportunity to receive funding for preservation through a nation wide program celebrating the 100th anniversary of the National Park System. This vote is going on now through July 5th.

Hargrove Barn and Parker’s Revenge Battlefield and Minute Man National Historical Park immerses visitors in the 18th-century site and brings the battle to life. A $250,000 grant will rehabilitate the historic Parker’s Revenge Battlefield to reveal original battlefield features and repurpose the 19th-century Hargrove Barn for use as an education center

While the American Revolution was well on its way, this park represents the opening of the War for Independence on April 19th, 1775. Please vote for Minute Man National Park if you are so inclined

Thanks - Matt
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A good cause...consider it done !!
You have my vote!
Thank you for voting - Since they allow multiple votes, I feel like a dead democrat from Chicago. Going to vote again right now
Thanks for posting that Matt. I voted and for 4 others as well. Some great places listed. I will get in my 5 votes a day till the end of the voting.
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