Plinking 22lr and sale.

Discussion in 'Marlin Rimfires' started by straightshooter, Dec 26, 2014.

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    A friend of mine wanted to go out to her property in the country sticks and she acted like she didn't want to go alone. I told her I would go along with her if she wanted company and she said sure lets go. I said why don't you bring your new Marlin model 60 and I will bring some of my guns so we could plink some cans for fun while out there.
    She has had her Marlin for over a year and has only shot it maybe once since she bought it. She loaded it up and she tried to cock it but it jammed. I got the jammed round out and cocked it again and then it shot. It did jam a couple more times. She said she had oiled the gun but it sure looked dry to me. I told her just keep shooting it and maybe it would loosen up a bit. We probably shot it 100 times and for the most times it fired ok.
    I found she had to have the bolt closed when she loaded the magazine and then rack the slide. This way it didn't jam so told her always have the bolt shut when she first tries firing new loaded magazine. I brought the gun home with me and I will lube it up and shoot it some to see if it functions better. I never had this problem with my old model 60 Glenfield.
    I had brought my Phoenix HP22A with me and let her shoot it. She really liked it a lot and said she wanted to get one like it. I told her I was looking at buying another gun and if she would give me $160 for it she could have the Phoenix. LOL She gave me two one hundred dollar bills and said I owed her $40 in change. LOL she got the gun.
    I am looking at buying an SR22c next.
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    Sounds like a fun day.

    What was the ammo being used in the 60? Some are just more particular than others. I have a mid 80's and late 90's model 60 and neither likes any kind of Federal ammo. I need to stick to CCI standard velocity or the Aquila SV in those 2.

    I'm not a bench rest shooter and won't buy target grade 22 ammo. I stick to the "cheap" stuff.

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    It was a 333 count white box of WW she got from WalMart. She did have two duds which I tried shooting twice and both times had good striker hits but just duds.
    The only time my Ruger SR40c ever failed was when shooting WWB from WM. Had to re-fire them at least 3 times before they went bang.
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    I also find Winchester .22 to be the worst, Fail to fires and not to accurate.