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    Yesterday with the new .38 tired it after a long time. The subject was brought up by grewhawk50 on another thread with some good discussion and articles.

    My result after a LONG absense from the form was groups at DA with the revolver were averaging 4" low from intended point of impact at both 3 and 7 yards. I thought about it a lot last night and was back at it again today.

    Took out 3 guns, the H&R 4" .22 revolver, the Armscor 4" .38 revolver, and the 5" Hi Point .40 auto. Today used the B-27 full sillouite target, top of the head at 6'. Interesting results.

    The .22 with the combat stance was DEADLY. Groups at 3 and 7 yards could be covered with a saucer....dead center. Shot 4 cylenders of 9 shots each from both yardages.

    First cylender with the .38 had a better group than yesterday but was still low. I had an Itea......Grip Pressure....although the recoil on the .38 is very light I still apply a lot firmer grip than on the .22. I eased up on the pressure.....AND THE GROUPS CAME UP....A good 2". After 3 series of 5 rounds the groups were still there.

    Switched to the .40 auto. Its a lot bigger gun. the recoil isnt any more than the .38. Shot the first mag with normal grip.....about 4-5" low. Again eased up on the grip and UP THEY CAME. I have to watch it with the auto. The slide action has a lot more muzzle climb than a revolver any less pressure with the grip and it starts to want to jump out of my grip. But the .40 does shoot a tighter group than the .38.

    I feel I'm making progress. With a little more than a 100 rds. down range with the combat stance...both eyes open and not using sights, shooting low 10s and 9s. An improvement over low 9s and 8s from yesterday.
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    Thanks for the range report.

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    Thanks for the grip tip

    You may have helped with my problem. My shots always seem to be low with my NM Blackhawk 45Colt/45 ACP, my Hi Point 9mm and Beretta U22 Neos 6" .22 cal. ALWAYS low. I can't try them out tonight as it is getting dark, and I know I won't sleep tonight worth a crap because I will be stewing because it is too dark to shoot and the neighbors are trying to sleep.

    Looks like I have some range work ahead now though. Thanks for giving me some direction. I been usin KY windage and Arkansas elevation.
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    I will throw this in also. This morning before I went out I got in front of the full length mirror in the bedroom and assumed a stance. Looking over at my reflection I could tell my muzzle was a little low. This was before shooting the .22 and my thoughts of grip pressure. I thought my posture was a little slumpted from the waist up, causing my sholders and therefore my extended arms to not be level. I tried throwing my sholders back more but that tended to draw in my arms and unlock my elbows. So instead I threw out my hips toward the target and that tended also to bring up my muzzle without changing my elbows. I also tried this on the range but it only takes a very subtle hip shift to elevate the gun. I tended to over shift forward and raise the groups to much. Also it tended to put me in a lower crouch than was comfortable. will have to practice both methods more.
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    I had a .357 taurus with a 6 inch barrel that I couldn`t hit the inside of a barn with, but loaded with .38 it was a tack driver...explain that one :eek:
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    Different guns like different rounds. My daughters taurus .357 is ok with all .38s but with Rem UMC +ps its GREAT. I will throw those thru the crono and try and match performance with reloads.

    My .40 also shoots the bigger 180gr JHPs a lot better than the lighter and faster rounds.