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I am showing you a ultra rare ak47 made in poland with a milled receiver ,cut break,bayonet lug.I have the matching bayonet and chrome lined barrel.The g2 trigger set and the wood is nice too.I mated it with one of my semi auto rpk`s.This is not my full auto rpk machine gun.I can go to the range and first, shoot without 20 people looking at my other full auto. Plus i don`t want to blow through a ton of ammo, so this rpk is not the other rpk.I have four, one hundred round drums for it.Plus numerous magazines.I will post a couple pictures.I hope you like them..LOL...I have four jack russells,Yes i am insane.Three out of four managed to get in the picture.The little one is jill and she is my baby girl.Everyone thinks she is a puppy but she is eight years old.She is a different breed jack russell,a pygme jack russell with all her paperwork.Every one wants me to mate her with their dogs but i am keeping her virginity,lol


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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