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Discussion in 'Politics and Religion' started by hombre243, Feb 24, 2013.

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  1. Spoon

    Spoon Well-Known Member

    I'm the Gun-Owning Patriot The Govt. Fears.

    I just put my "2 Cents In" and it should show on 'fb'.

    I use every opportunity to speak my piece on the ills and wrongs that the liberal, PC mindset keeps whirling around scattering misinformation, fear and dissention among the American populace aided by the Lame Stream Media.

    I will support and defend the US and our Constitution to my last breath against ALL enemies as I swore to do so many times while in uniform.

    Thanks for sharing hombre`!

  2. duster066

    duster066 Well-Known Member Supporting

    There are lots of us who are with you Spoon. The Day of Resistance was my second rally since this began. They can not win this fight unless we let them. We need everyone to help. Find a group near you, and volunteer to help.