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What is the Appleseed Program About - Read and "click"

.. what's "Appleseed"?
"Dad" - Here's a link to their AS Programs home page. It's a collection of TRUE HISTORY about events that brought America into a reality as the bastion of Liberty.

They have tips/tricks and "secrets" to improve anyone's marksmanship. For youngsters, often it's only the cost of the ammo you bring (400 rounds or more for the 2-day event. Some programs are on tight budgets and offer greatly-reduced fees for kids and women. Scopes are OK, but the intent is for IRONS. They're there when the scope goes Ker-Put.

I've got an old buddy from high school (Ret USN and his retired Sheriff's deputy) that are instructors. In addition to conducting sessions in Eastern New Mexico and West Texas, they hold week long training session at White Sands Missile Range during pre-deployment prep sessions for Army Sapper units, CBs, Red Horse and any other US Military personnel to help increase their effective fire, thus with hope to bring more of them home with less bullet holes. Can't do much about the damned suicide bombers and IEDs except kill 'em all and let God sort them out.; that ain't proper. Men and women from all walks of life travel great distances sometimes to teach enhanced marksmanship...especially when it comes to our men and women in arms. They don't get paid a dime and are usually out a few bucks to hundreds per event. What folks hear is important and was the "RIFLEMAN" that took out the British troops at far greater distances. It's all about coming close to being a sniper that is 100% familiar with their rifle, ammo, trajectories, wind drift, etc and can punch bunny rabbits, squirrels, deer, etc and bipedal threats if/when necessary at long distances with amazing hit ratios. Your son is already a fine shot...why not polish and hone his talents? The intent is accuracy and Patriotic appreciation of why America was born.

Check 'em out.

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