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Nice looking shooters, shooter.
I should see if I can find the one we had as a kid. It had a lever behind the grip to lift once to pump.
Picked up a Gamo silent cat last summer. Just need to zero in the scope.

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My GAMO Whisper is dead-on accurate with the supplied scope...the other two pistols were gifted me when my friend found out what a hunter / firearm enthusiast I was...

Those "toys" of our youth fetch some pretty good prices at flea markets and gun shows...

In fact, my first Marlin ( Marlin 80C bolt action ) was sighted in a rack of toy rifles at a flea market near Shamokin, PA while waiting for a gun range to open one Sunday morning...I picked it up...the guy walked over and I said this ain't no toy...he smiled and said $100...I countered with $75 and he said "sold".

That gun ( no serial number...from 1960 ) is still a tack driver...
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