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    Tried some Barnes 150 gr TTSX in the 30-06. my best group was 3'' @ 100 yards...I played with seating depths and powders I have handy W760,4064 and H4350. Just won`t group:(...I have some cheapo 180gr federal blue box that are tack drivers in this rifle...I`ve heard great stuff about the tsx bullets so wondering if it`s me or the rifle just don`t like`em...
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    Try some IMR 8208 XBR. I use it in my 308 with 147. 149, 150 and 180 gr. All shoot under 1" at 100 yds. I had all kinds of different size groups with 3031, 4064, Reloader 15 and IMR 4895. When I switched to 8208 my whole life changed. A good dog followed me home, a neighbor lady left her hubby and moved in with me and I won a new pickup in a lottery.

    Of course one day while I was sleepin off my Black Dog Ale, her ex came over to my place, grabbed his ol lady, my new truck keys and the dog and hooked it up to my new pull behind and headed for Texas. Ain't seen em since. I did have the beer hid so I got to keep that.